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eye massager breo iSeeM

Melt away eye fatigue with fully customizable pressure and heat compression techniques.

Breo iSeeM Eye Massager

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Equipped with intelligent airbags and heating technology, the Breo iSeeM eye massager by Breo offers a 100% controllable eye massage by aligning with your personalized wellness routine via Breo smart App to fits your need the best.

Breo iSeeM eye massager is specialized in relieving eyestrain, reducing eye fatigue, and everyday relaxation.

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Upgrade Your Eye Care Routine With

Fully Personalized Relief Journey.

Unlock with breo App:

1. Targeted soothing heat from 42 to 47°C (107.6-116.6°F).

2. Eye care routine duration from 3 mins to 20 mins. 

3. Music streaming available via App connection.

Optimized Thermal Massage

Get the just-right soothing within 25 seconds

Intelligent Air Pressure

Refresh with adjustable strength

Fully Customized App Control

For a smarter eye care journey

Durable and Soft Leathers

Pampers eyes gently

Feel the difference with the breo App.

Now, the eye care wellness just got a lot smarter.

Design your eye care journey with breo smart App: precisely set and select the warmth, length, strength, and even the background music for your own eye relief treatment. ALL only for you, and for your eye wellness. 

Protecting Eyeballs Anytime, Anywhere.

Concave Curved Surface.

We refined the details of airbags with specially designed concave curved surface for protecting your eyeballs scientifically. All for an exceptional seal for size adjusting, maximizing comfort, fit, and stability.

Patent-Protected Innovation.

180° foldable, one-size-fits-all.

As the skin around the eyes can be tender, it’s important to get a good fitting eye massager. iSeeM is constructed with a wide elastic band to hug every head size. Find the best fit – and get the best touch – by its ergonomic & sleek design.

Rebuilt Intelligent Airbags.

For the most effectual eye relief.

The key to a truly effective eye relief treatment is the precise pressure. Here's how iSeeM achieves it: the refined airbags stimulate acupoints around the eyes, temple, and forehead, delivering the perfect eye soothing experience. 

Simulated Human-finger Temperature.

A relaxing warmth for eye relief.

We enhance the new iSeeM’s heating algorithm. While others cannot guarantee the perfect heating level, iSeeM can power at a targeted heating level for a consistently warm massage that’s guaranteed.

Protein Leather & Microfiber Leather.

Great comfort but also a skin-friendly feel.

iSeeM is built with protein leather for the side pampers your eyes – a softer, more durable alternative to normal or faux leather. Another significant material is microfiber leather, which is perfectly suitable for breath-ability and flexibility.


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Our 30-day money-back guarantee allows you to buy with peace of mind.

One-Year Warranty

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iSeeM Eye Massager x 1

User's Manual x 1 

Storage Pouch x 1

Charging Cable x 1 

Warranty Card x 1

Adapter x 1 

breo iSee M

see m1

1.5hrs (+-0.5h)

fabric / ABS / protein leather

grey / white
2-3 hrs


300 g / 0.66 lb

Micro USB
L8.26 x W2.95 x H4.33 (in)

1150 mAh

adaptor / charging cable / storage bag / pouch

5 W

Q: How to charge iSeeM?

A: Please follow the instructions to power on the device appropriately:

1. Open the lid of the charging port in the bottom of the rear cover of the master unit.

2. Plug the power cord into a wall outlet. We suggest using a surge protected power bar, and plug the other end into the DC jack.

3. The indicator of power flashes during charging; the flash stops when fully charged.

4. The product cannot be operated while charging (if the product is charged while operating, it will start the self-protection program and stop operating automatically).

Q: How to connect Breo App with iSeeM?

A: Please follow the below instructions to connect the massager with your phone or tablet. 

1. Download and install the Breo App from Google Play Store for Android devices or the App Store for iPhone or iPad.

2. Bring your mobile device near the iSeeM Massager.The massager will automatically go into pairing mode once it is turned on.

3. Turn on “Bluetooth” on your mobile devicesOpen the Breo App, go to “More product”. 

4. Your massager will show up on the screen in a few second. Tap “Confirm” to connect.

5. Now you can personalize your massaging experience with your iSeeM.


Breo has nearly 300 patents since it was founded, with user needs at the core of its research and development.


We products are manufactured in accordance with worldwide health, safety and environmental protection standards.


We don’t use any hazardous substances in our products, making them compliant and safe for all to use.


The safety of our customers is important to us - any electromagnetic interference from our products has been limit tested and approved.