Breo iSee 4
Say no to tired eyes.

Breo iSee 4

Sleek, Smart and Tender.

The iSee4 uses intelligent, microprocessor-controlled air pressure, vibration, point massage and heat compress technology to knead, press and hot compress the forehead and temple area around the eyes.

Say no to tired eyes.

Although eye drops can stimulate the lacrimal gland to secrete protein in order to temporarily solve eye problems, it is not cured radically. Eye drops can only relieve eye fatigue by promoting eye protein secretion temporarily. Regularly massaging acupoints around eyes, temple, and forhead is the ultimate method to releve eye problems. We are aware that common eye massage can not precisly control intensity and time duration. The motor equipped in iSee4 is able to maintain the precise strength and time duration for people to enjoy an effective eye massage.


107.6℉ heating

The massage temperature around eyes should not be too high, 35℃ - 42℃ is the range of the best temperature to promote blood circulation around the eyes and to help relieve eye fatigue. While hot towels can not guarantee the exact temperature constantly, iSee4 can easily maintain constant temperature and heat funtion to promote eye circulation, relieve dry eyes, redness and other phenomena.

One, two, three, 


What iSee 4 can do?

What's included?

Product specs


Product Name

Dimensions (mm)

Net Weight (g)


Breo iSee 4 eye massager

L208 x W76 x H106




Battery Capacity

Rated Voltage

Charging Time

Charging port



Battery Life

Operational Temperate



2~3 hours

Micro USB



1.5h (+-0.5h)

42℃ (107.6℉)