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At Breo, we believe traveling doesn’t have to be so stressful

Our mission is to make relaxation during travel easy, while minimizing the amount of space needed to bring your Breo product in the car or on a plane. Our iNeck air line are ideal for modern and wellness-conscious travellers because they combine the comfort of a neck pillow with built-in massage capabilities.

Sooth on the go

A neck pillow and a massager 

The iNeck air 2 is portable and occupies the same amount of space as traditional neck pillow, offering firm support for any journey, (no matter the length.)For travelers looking to utilize space in their luggage, our iNeck Air easily inflates and deflates, optimizing your packing footprint.In addition to their small footprint, our travel massagers are always low-noise, allowing you to experience comfort without disrupting those around you.

Ease your journey with Breo

Travel in today’s world can cause both physical and mental fatigue.At Breo, we put user experience first in every aspect of our design - from our materials to the patterns of our electric massage heads because we understand that when it comes to travel, small decisions can make a big impact.


FDA registered

Breo is FDA-registered in the Electric Therapeutic Massagers category -  ISA.890.5660 

CE Certified

CE Certified

We products are manufactured in accordance with worldwide health, safety and environmental protection standards.

ROHS Compilied


We don’t use any hazardous substances in our products, making them compliant and safe for all to use.

FCC Approved


The safety of our customers is important to us - any electromagnetic interference from our products has been limit tested and approved.