R E A L   U S E R

R E A L   E X P E R I E N C E

Queenie Nguyen

John Franklin III

NFL Player

"Breo has surprised me in every way. The products speak for themselves, with the top notch technology but even the people that I've communicated with has been top notch all the way around. Definitely a fan."

Jennifer Cox

Dr. Anthony Hillebrand, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Product Researcher

"Having used these devices in a non-medical setting for evaluation, I see these as very useful alternative to hands on approaches. They are pretty straightforward in their operation and can provide relief."

Charlotte Chow

Andreea Cristina 

Lifestyle Writer

"I could use it for hours! Plus it help when I get migraines and tension headaches which is something I struggle with since it increases blood flow to the scalp."

Queenie Nguyen

Natalia Antwan

Event Manager

"I enjoy sitting on my couch with this neck massager on and just doing nothing."

Charlotte Chow

Stefanie Tu

Merchandising Manager

"Ultimately for the most effective massage on me, I engage with the massager and pull down on or through the straps. When I do get it in the right spot, my neck muscles do feel less tense and more relaxed. "

Jennifer Cox

Sanghoon Kim

Software Engineer

"The massage effect on the back of the neck is good. It is a little strong, but after I use it at night every day, I could feel comfortable when turning my neck muscles."

Charlotte Chow

Jennifer Rudd

Creative Professional

"Can't survive my long photo process hours in front of desk without it. "

Charlotte Chow

 Belinda Bredison

Financial Adviser

"The first thing on my work break is putting this thing on and there goes heaven. "

Queenie Nguyen

Norma Castillo

Technical Support sr.

As soon as I place it around my neck and turn it on, I start relaxing from the great massage it gives and most importantly, I'm not left sore the next day. You can control it with your cell using the Breo app - what a bonus!

Jennifer Cox

Michael Gallagher

Software Engineer

“The nodes reach all of my knots with just enough pressure to avoid being painful. ”

Queenie Nguyen

Derek Leguizamon

Designer & Developer

“Great to sit back and let the neck massager do its magic after a long day in front of the computer." 

Charlotte Chow

Thomas Bailey

Academic Librarian

"A stylish and effective design that allows the user to set up and use the product with no trouble at all. Ideal for a young profession like myself who has a busy lifestyle and moves about a lot."

Queenie Nguyen

Queenie Nguyen

Nail Artist

“It releases my hands’ tension and numbness from working long hours at the nail studio. I usually layer some hand cream before using it for the ultimate spa massage experience." 

Jennifer Cox

Jennifer Cox

Graphic Designer

"It's good to have it by my desk. I got stiff fingers from chasing endless deadlines and I used it whenever I got time."

Charlotte Chow

Charlotte Chow


"It's no joke to holding a 2lb DSLR for 10 hours and have my finger stand by for any decisive moment when shoot a wedding. The WOWOS does have the magic to save my hand."

Queenie Nguyen

Abbie Bayliss

Account Executive

When I was having a migraine I could lie down while using it. The massaging on the temples is perfectly placed for the areas that I experiences severe pain.

Queenie Nguyen

Donna Capello

Wellness Entrepreneur

"The Scalp mini massager has long been my daily essential since its 1st generation. "

Jennifer Cox

Camila Soto


"This mini massager fits right in my wellness routine. I can use it anywhere and it works. "

Charlotte Chow

Pauline Anderson

Legal Professional

"The portable design of it allows me to enjoy a wonderful scalp massage whenever I need. "

Charlotte Chow

Karen Tully

Project Manager

"This pocket massager is truly amazing. It helps me whenever I need to get my mind clear. "

Queenie Nguyen

Andres Duran Galvis

I.T Dev Ops Engineer

"This is great to use after a long day from work, or just watching tv and feel like getting a relaxing massage. "

Jennifer Cox

Boa Dai

Academic Researcher

"This one uses heat, pressure, and roller at the bottom to massage the feet. Overall, it’s good quality. "

Charlotte Chow

Shell Sharma

SVP Sales

"We really loved the experience, very easy to use and amazing experience for tired feet. Really recommend this for anyone who spends lots of time walking / running. "

Charlotte Chow

Juan Romero

Real Estate Agent

"I am a Realtor and on my feet everyday, at night when I get home after a shower I immerse my feet into the massager and it is a total relax and renovating feet therapy."

Queenie Nguyen

Alexander Yehlen

Marketing Consultant

"After biking and walking all around the city this foot massager is awesome to come home to, it helps relieve tension all around my feet."

Jennifer Cox

Jose Guerrero

IT Engineer

"I don’t consider myself an athlete but I am very active. After a normal day, I get home willing to rest because I run in the morning, then I work and finally I workout in the evening. You can’t imagine how tired I am by then end of the day."

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